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List of products by brand Integralia

General Dietética manufactures dietary supplements in Spain under its brand Integralia since 1984

e are a small team of professionals, convinced from the beginning that nature provides us with the necessary elements for our well-being. Since 1984 we are specialized in the elaboration of traditional dietetic products and food supplements.

We started by selecting the best ingredients to develop our first natural dietary supplements with techniques and knowledge. Throughout these 27 years we have developed many products: currently we propose more than 200 references.

It has always been important for us to provide the highest quality. We are delighted to see the constant increase in people who year after year prefer a natural alternative to take care of themselves. They have led us to be present in more than 3,000 points of sale throughout Spain.

To continue responding to this trend, we continue proposing natural solutions and we continue working for you.