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List of products by brand KAL

American manufacturer of natural nutritional supplements, founded in 1932.

In 1932, KAL’s very name came from its original product, a calcium/phosphorus powder. In the 1940s, KAL became one of the first nutritional companies to pioneer a concept originally known as “multiple supplementation.” KAL introduced one of the first multiple supplements to the American market by combining vitamins and minerals into a single tablet, called the Multi-Four™. You can still buy its updated offspring, the Multi-Four+ today! Today, KAL offers a large assortment of single and combination vitamins and minerals to suit the needs of the busy lifestyles of the 21st century.


Food-based multivitamins are some of the most advanced multiples of our time. These super-energizing multis are formulated to optimize daily performance and energy levels. Available in several varieties, look for the Enhanced Energy formula that suits your needs.

KAL’s first product was a calcium powder. Today the brand offers all major minerals in tablets,  liquids and highly soluble powders. KAL also offers a complete line of vitamins, offering a wide range of potencies, such as vitamin D products ranging 400 IU to 10,000 IU. We also offer our own unique patented Reacta-C vitamin C, as well as the most advanced vitamin forms of A, B, E and K formulas.